Sit . Sip . n . Be .

BE fully present. BE loving.


Why I Knit


This Trane vest just needs buttons now (and weaving in loose ends).

Why does anyone make stuff?
Why does anyone make art, soup, music, or a sweater?

Well, for me it’s been JOYFUL to get back in touch with my inner knitter. My momma nudged me to knit again, so I did … with gusto last autumn. I’m not fast or prolific, but I’m knitting. Once I took it up again, I couldn’t believe I’d left it alone for so many decades. It feels like I’ve run in to an old friend from long, long ago. Hello, friend. Continue reading


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SIT. SIP. n. BE. How is it going so far?



It’s prickly business pulling thistles; such beautiful ‘fleeds’ (flowers+weeds)

How is it going after nearly two months of adding Sit. Sip. n. Be to your routine?  Did it take several mornings for your mind to stop saying, ‘what are you DOING to me?!’ If you’re just starting this simple daily routine, (click here for How-To) . . .pay attention to how it feels to: Continue reading


Hold On to the Near: The Elsewhere will be just fine without you

E.B. White saw IT coming, careening our way, and IT’s here–the Moby Dick of modern times, Leviathan in proportion; the great white whale, beautiful yet destructive if provoked. And, IT’s been thrashing around leaving damage in ITs wake for a long while now. Give it up for Moby, though. He may be destructive, but he’s still glorious. He’s not that bad.

E.B.White.MaineFlashback (I’ll get back to “IT” in a minute): last spring I woke up one morning, and reached for my smartphone just to check the time, still half asleep and bleary-eyed. Before I knew it, thirty minutes had passed. I was still in bed, lying on my side in a Jabba the Hutt pose scrolling through photos, texts and emails, on something that looked like I’d grown a third palm, and ultimately getting a kink in my neck. “Checking the time” had morphed into finding just the right emoticon to use for a text response, and checking/hoping for a few more likes on Instagram.

I got out of bed after that leisurely, yet surprisingly nauseating waste of time, shuffled to the kitchen to put the kettle on, my hair at an all-time Einstein, and went outside to enjoy a cup of chamomile tea on the back steps, forgetting my phone on the kitchen counter next to the stove.

The contrast between my earlier slug-pose in bed as I scrolled away on my phone, with the vibrant, grounded feeling of sitting outside noticing trees, dogs barking and the smell of peppermint and basil in the garden was shocking. When had I lost touch? I felt like the proverbial frog in the pot, and was nearly cooked. In that moment I vowed Continue reading


Sipping Turmeric Tonic: a remedy for stuff

The next time there are sniffles in the air, a stomach flu bug, or you want to boost a weak immune system, try this Turmeric Tonic. It’s the bomb. Seriously, you’ll feel that warm ginger-burn inside, and any inflammation you’ve got going on inside of you will thank you.

Try  “Sipping Turmeric Tonic” during your next SIT.SIP.n.BE. and see what you think! I just winged it a while back with the ingredient ratios, and we love it. [see recipe below]  Continue reading

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It’s Elemental: SIT.SIP.n.BE is all 5 elements

How cool is this? I realized that your SIT.SIP.n.BE practice incorporates all 5 classical elements from Earth up to Ether (BTW, wishing everyone a warm holiday season this week ❤ ):

EARTH: it’s what you sit on, or where you set your feet, when you SIT.SIP.n.BE fully present (porch, steps, grass, snow, dirt or sand). The earth can be perceived by all five senses—hearing, touch, sight, taste and smell.

WATER: it’s what you’re sippin’ (in that herbal tea or lemon water). Water has no odor, but can be perceived by the other four senses—it can be heard, felt, seen, and tasted.

FIRE: it’s what heated up the water on your stove. Fire can be Continue reading


Introducing SIT . SIP . n . BE .

SIT.SIP.n.BE  is a simple notion.

SIT.SIP.n.BE  has a powerful outcome.

SIT.SIP.n.BE  is easy (if you have a body and a brain).

How simple?
Create a screen-free, quiet moment JUST for yourself … first-thing every morning:
SIT with it.
SIP it, and
BE in the present moment.
It’s that simple. SIT.SIP.n.BE.

How powerful? Your mornings will shift from going to The Elsewhere* in the digital world, to being REAL in your own real surroundingsTHAT’S powerful.

How easyThis easy: Continue reading