Sit . Sip . n . Be .

BE fully present. BE loving.


The Breath of Kindness


Basil seeds to harvest

The following poem is a favorite of my mother. I love to hear her recite poetry. She is a radiant, vibrant soul. I’ve been sorting out harvested basil seeds this past week, and this poem came to mind as I blew the chaff away from the seeds.

But first, this morning’s moon (!); this morning the crescent moon in the inky black sky was surrounded by a bright halo. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it as I sat outside in the dark chill air. It was a beautiful sight and I was filled from within with expansive gratitude for this beautiful universe. My morning awareness during Sit.Sip.n.Be is a sacred time for me to be fully present. Oh, the things I used to overlook when I didn’t carve out an intention to appreciate NOW.

This awareness prepares me to notice timely moments in the coming day for loving kindness. I have many opportunities daily to integrate loving kindness for my whole self, ‘warts and all’. This loving kindness is especially welcome when autoimmune symptoms flare. That is when I have the occasion to arrive at loving conclusions for things about the illness I used to dislike. Now, rather than feeling distressed by challenges that I would sometimes begrudge, I see things to love about my state of be-ing, and I am more often fully at ease, rather than in a state of dis-ease. Continue reading