Sit . Sip . n . Be .

BE fully present. BE loving.


It’s a New Dawn. It’s a New Day.

New Year sunrise

Happy New Year ūüôā . I don‚Äôt have any big, or little, goals for the New Year, and I’m curious¬†to see how it goes. I’m just extremely¬†grateful I’ve finally woven some good things into my daily routines (see list below) that have stuck with me; things that contribute to my current level of well-being¬†with health issues¬†(with their ups and downs). So, I’m going to¬†keep on truckin’.

My M.O. (modus operandi) . . . my same ol‚Äô same ol’ . . . is currently working for me¬†well enough¬†and I’m happy ūüôā ¬†. Maybe it helps that Continue reading


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Joyful Belly Coconut Milk & Honey Yogurt

turmeric yogurt

It’s so simple to culture your own yogurt! I still remember the first quivery spoonful from my first batch years ago. I¬†enjoy¬†making it in the early morning after I¬†SIT.SIP.n.BE fully present.¬†Or, sometimes I make it just before bed, instead, which makes for a very relaxing bed time routine. My coconut milk yogurt is AIP friendly (it has to be if I’m eating it!).

There is something¬†very¬†nurturing about the process of stirring, concocting this n’ that, filling jars, tightening lids and ‘tucking the jars into bed’ to culture away. Every time I¬†set the jars on a heating pad under a wool “culturing sweater” I feel a little giddy… knowing¬†there are magical things at work, changing and creating new probiotics on their own, and that the end result will be so good for me . . . joyful belly, indeed.

I’ve come up with a recipe that has the added¬†benefits of gelatin¬†and¬†pea protein to make it¬†more¬†nutrient-dense . . . each single-serving jar of this yogurt has about 4 grams protein (protein is usually lacking in homemade coconut yogurt). And I’m including my¬†optional flavor variations, which I created¬†for their anti-inflammatory properties.

May your belly be welly. Enjoy! Continue reading