Sit . Sip . n . Be .

BE fully present. BE loving.


Why I Knit


This Trane vest just needs buttons now (and weaving in loose ends).

Why does anyone make stuff?
Why does anyone make art, soup, music, or a sweater?

Well, for me it’s been JOYFUL to get back in touch with my inner knitter. My momma nudged me to knit again, so I did … with gusto last autumn. I’m not fast or prolific, but I’m knitting. Once I took it up again, I couldn’t believe I’d left it alone for so many decades. It feels like I’ve run in to an old friend from long, long ago. Hello, friend. Continue reading



Be Still and Know That I AM God



Psalm 46:10

Last month I was invited to speak in church on Easter Sunday. I had become a sort of back-row-leave-early kind of gal with my health issues the past few years, so I was surprised the bishop of our Mormon congregation asked me. I assembled the talk every day for weeks, studying . . . praying. A strong feeling kept coming to me to talk about my spiritual struggles of the past few years. And, to talk of the moment I felt Christ’s grace. I also shared a special dream I had last summer that was life changing. Many times, as I prepared the talk, I wanted to keep those struggles (and the dream) to myself. I kept getting that strong feeling to share, though. So I did.  [click here, if you want to listen to it.]

I make a point to have quiet time outside every morning, free from anything with a screen. I am certain that these mornings, which I set aside time to “be still”, helped me to Continue reading


The Breath of Kindness


Basil seeds to harvest

The following poem is a favorite of my mother. I love to hear her recite poetry. She is a radiant, vibrant soul. I’ve been sorting out harvested basil seeds this past week, and this poem came to mind as I blew the chaff away from the seeds.

But first, this morning’s moon (!); this morning the crescent moon in the inky black sky was surrounded by a bright halo. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it as I sat outside in the dark chill air. It was a beautiful sight and I was filled from within with expansive gratitude for this beautiful universe. My morning awareness during Sit.Sip.n.Be is a sacred time for me to be fully present. Oh, the things I used to overlook when I didn’t carve out an intention to appreciate NOW.

This awareness prepares me to notice timely moments in the coming day for loving kindness. I have many opportunities daily to integrate loving kindness for my whole self, ‘warts and all’. This loving kindness is especially welcome when autoimmune symptoms flare. That is when I have the occasion to arrive at loving conclusions for things about the illness I used to dislike. Now, rather than feeling distressed by challenges that I would sometimes begrudge, I see things to love about my state of be-ing, and I am more often fully at ease, rather than in a state of dis-ease. Continue reading

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SIT. SIP. n. BE. How is it going so far?



It’s prickly business pulling thistles; such beautiful ‘fleeds’ (flowers+weeds)

How is it going after nearly two months of adding Sit. Sip. n. Be to your routine?  Did it take several mornings for your mind to stop saying, ‘what are you DOING to me?!’ If you’re just starting this simple daily routine, (click here for How-To) . . .pay attention to how it feels to: Continue reading


It’s a New Dawn. It’s a New Day.

New Year sunrise

Happy New Year 🙂 . I don’t have any big, or little, goals for the New Year, and I’m curious to see how it goes. I’m just extremely grateful I’ve finally woven some good things into my daily routines (see list below) that have stuck with me; things that contribute to my current level of well-being with health issues (with their ups and downs). So, I’m going to keep on truckin’.

My M.O. (modus operandi) . . . my same ol’ same ol’ . . . is currently working for me well enough and I’m happy 🙂  . Maybe it helps that Continue reading