Sit . Sip . n . Be .

BE fully present. BE loving.


Ceremony. Tradition. Why They Matter.


Just last week my husband and I attended the graduation of our two oldest children! Our daughter graduated with a Master of English degree, and our son with a Bachelor of Computer Science. My son did NOT want to “walk”, let alone pay for the graduation gown and mortarboard rental. I’m very glad he did, and he’s very glad (now) that he did.

This punctuation in life was so memorable!

Ironing the gowns together (in shifts), hearing Elgar’s “Pomp and Circumstance” (which makes me teary), my children’s gowns billowing in the wind, mortarboard tassels waving, all made me grateful for ceremony:  how ceremony reflects values in every culture and gives us a sense of belonging, whether it is a Japanese tea ceremony, erecting totem poles in ancient British Columbia, or walking around in billowing Medieval graduation gowns that visually tie us to the past and present. It was a great day.




Be Still and Know That I AM God



Psalm 46:10

Last month I was invited to speak in church on Easter Sunday. I had become a sort of back-row-leave-early kind of gal with my health issues the past few years, so I was surprised the bishop of our Mormon congregation asked me. I assembled the talk every day for weeks, studying . . . praying. A strong feeling kept coming to me to talk about my spiritual struggles of the past few years. And, to talk of the moment I felt Christ’s grace. I also shared a special dream I had last summer that was life changing. Many times, as I prepared the talk, I wanted to keep those struggles (and the dream) to myself. I kept getting that strong feeling to share, though. So I did.  [click here, if you want to listen to it.]

I make a point to have quiet time outside every morning, free from anything with a screen. I am certain that these mornings, which I set aside time to “be still”, helped me to Continue reading