Sit . Sip . n . Be .

BE fully present. BE loving.

SIT. SIP. n. BE. How is it going so far?

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It’s prickly business pulling thistles; such beautiful ‘fleeds’ (flowers+weeds)

How is it going after nearly two months of adding Sit. Sip. n. Be to your routine?  Did it take several mornings for your mind to stop saying, ‘what are you DOING to me?!’ If you’re just starting this simple daily routine, (click here for How-To) . . .pay attention to how it feels to:

  • be open and connected to your real, natural surroundings first thing every morning
  • be still, and go deeper into YOUR own sacred quiet time–you may kinda feel like a kid again!
  • deserve this moment for yourself
  • pull positive, loving things into your heart, which calm you, like the beautiful things you see/hear/smell/taste outside as you SIT.SIP.n.BE. Or, think on purpose about the people you love, things you love, or places you love, and allow LOVE in your heart to expand
  • imagine your day going well
  • smile a smile on purpose during SIT.SIP.n.BE (it may look like a scary, toothy grimace the first few mornings when you try THAT one so early in the morning, but you’ll get used to it).

Maybe you are surrounded with a pretty yard, people you love, and you feel pretty great about yourself and your circumstance. Maybe you don’t feel that way. Maybe you are NOT surrounded by people or things you enjoy, maybe your life feels unbearable, or you feel grumpy/confused/exhausted from being sick, or maybe you feel agitated that you haven’t been true to your potential and you don’t like who you’ve become. If so, this is the BEST time for SIT.SIP.n.BE!

Here’s how powerful SIT.SIP.n.BE can be:
When you take the time to SIT.SIP.n.BE you are giving yourself open space! i.e. the much-needed time, which you DESERVE, to create quiet openness within, and a feeling of security . . . eventually; secure in the reality that you are safe with yourself to let go of things that aren’t serving you well (like attitudes, belief systems, and/ or criticisms toward self or others). This feeling of safety and openness creates space . . . space for REALLY GOOD THINGS to expand inside of you, and to come to you from without. Since nature abhors a vacuum, you’ve got to fill up your new space with something. You might as well choose to fill up that brand new, empty space inside of you with something good. Why not try joy? Why not try love?

You will have time later to think busy thoughts after you SIT.SIP.n.BE. For now just enjoy. think later. Easier said than done, but with practice you’ll get it. When you do think later on perhaps you can ponder, “What changes can I make so that my reality is the kind of reality I want to wake up to every day? Or, How can I honestly LOVE and accept the things about my life that I cannot change?”  The positive changes that evolve in your thoughts, habits, and health (physical and mental) can be life-changing. These positive changes can stay with you for the rest of your life, IF you make time every day to SIT.SIP.n.BE.


SMELL: You may smell a crisp, earthy smell as your part of the earth is just waking up and shaking off her dew, or while your part of the earth is sleeping under snow. Take a few deep breaths intentionally to smell that early morning air. Plan to breathe ON PURPOSE like that several times every day.

SOUND: You may hear birds singing and conversing, cows mooing, or dogs barking. Listen. Listen to the birds singing. Listen to animals waking up their vocal cords. Listen to motors running.

SIGHT: You may see the morning light changing quickly–sunsets get a lot of press. Sunrises are AMAZING too . . . rub the sleep off your eyes and look. Open your eyes, really open them, to see the stars, the moon, the changing light in the sky and to see the moving or stationary things around you (like rustling leaves in the breeze or blizzard, and plants or flowers in their season).

FEEL: You may realize near the end of your SIT.SIP.n.BE, ‘oh, man, I can’t wait to take a shower and move into the wonderful day which I can feel is going to happen, all the way down to my bones!’ or “I feel like a kid again!”. OR,  you may realize you need to go to bed earlier every night to replenish a sleep deficit! These realizations will come to you day by day when you become unplugged and unplagued from such a busy or plugged-in mind.

TAKE NOTE: While you’re observing during SIT.SIP.n.BE, you may notice something wonderful wants to creep into your thoughts . . . like the strange but wonderful sensation of wanting to ponder and/or pray more often to thank God (whomever the Eternal Creator is for you) for good things you hadn’t noticed before, and to ask Him for help; to invite his grace to bridge the gap for what you can’t do on your own. Don’t think or pray too hard on that last part, though.Just enjoy. Think later.

It’s that simple.

I don’t mean to act as though this is some newfangled idea. It’s not (obviously). This is something that was tried and tested years ago to have excellent results (as in, done-by-almost-everyone-pre-1950’s-before-television/computers/smartphones-became-accessible).

We’ve just become so accustomed to going to The Elsewhere*, it’s time to notice how plugged in we’ve become and to recall some of the great stuff from the good ol’ days. START YOUR DAY UNPLUGGED! 🙂

Remember, stand up and stretch after SIT.SIP.n.BE! Make sure to scratch your ribs while you stretch to wake up that powerful soul center you have, and wake up the rest of remarkable you. And, do this for the REST. OF. YOUR. LIFE.

❤ Gwendolyn


Author: Gwendolyn

Welcome, friend! I am an American writer, based in Utah. SIT.SIP.n.BE is a blog I created to share my passion for slow, simple living, and the importance of camaraderie. Since 2005 I have dug deep and unearthed rich things about life, self, God and others as I've lived with autoimmune disease. In spite of occasional darkest days, there are compensatory the-light-is-so-bright-I-have-to-squint moments that are utterly joy-FULL ... bursting with fulfillment and gratitude . Life can be fulfilling even with what some call limitations. Loving conversations, healing conversations, and learning conversations ARE possible with self and God.

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