Sit . Sip . n . Be .

BE fully present. BE loving.

There’s No Place Like HERE



I’m so glad we are WHERE we are, and that we are WHO we are. We are HERE.


Trees often remind me of this: we are special just because we exist. I am learning to appreciate where I am, when I’m here . . . wherever that is (kind of like the attitude this tree once had, if trees have attitude). I assume part of the cause for my contentment is being middle aged. I love middle age!

I still get antsy every once in a blue moon, though. I sometimes wish I was consistently a lil’ stronger, consistently a lil’ healthier, and that stress didn’t affect me so. Guess what. It doesn’t help to wish to change what you can’t control; no surprise there.

So, When I find myself wishing to do things I can’t do, or to eat things I can’t eat, I just breathe and remember that I can come to loving conclusions for anything. Every challenge is a Loving Teacher, and that Loving Teacher Within gives me the opportunity to see how I can feel love for circumstances that I used to have a hard time loving. Then, healing love from Heavenly Father, the Savior, and my own spirit change me when I am in a receptive, aligned state of body-mind, and spirit. I rarely get to that loving state passively. I have learned to make myself aware of it often.

But the rings on this tree (!), this tree . . . it lived through unfortunate times like the Salem Witch Trials and the Revolutionary War; we each have a place of belonging. For this reason, I love the old block of wood in the picture above. It reminds me that we all belong here. It was cut from an old beam my husband found from back east a few years ago to use in our barn construction. It started growing somewhere around the year 1690, and has at least 220 rings (milled), so it could even be older.

There are a gazillion analogies that I could make up here, but I won’t. I just like this piece of wood for what it is.

It just is.

I’m also glad to just be.





Author: Gwendolyn

Welcome, friend! I am an American writer, based in Utah. SIT.SIP.n.BE is a blog I created to share my passion for slow, simple living, and the importance of camaraderie. Since 2005 I have dug deep and unearthed rich things about life, self, God and others as I've lived with autoimmune disease. In spite of occasional darkest days, there are compensatory the-light-is-so-bright-I-have-to-squint moments that are utterly joy-FULL ... bursting with fulfillment and gratitude . Life can be fulfilling even with what some call limitations. Loving conversations, healing conversations, and learning conversations ARE possible with self and God.

2 thoughts on “There’s No Place Like HERE

  1. What a beautiful reminder! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  2. Thank you, Amie! I sure like your blog.

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