Sit . Sip . n . Be .

BE fully present. BE loving.

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SIT. SIP. n. BE. How is it going so far?



It’s prickly business pulling thistles; such beautiful ‘fleeds’ (flowers+weeds)

How is it going after nearly two months of adding Sit. Sip. n. Be to your routine?  Did it take several mornings for your mind to stop saying, ‘what are you DOING to me?!’ If you’re just starting this simple daily routine, (click here for How-To) . . .pay attention to how it feels to: Continue reading



There’s No Place Like HERE


I’m so glad we are WHERE we are, and that we are WHO we are. We are HERE.


Trees often remind me of this: we are special just because we exist. I am learning to appreciate where I am, when I’m here . . . wherever that is (kind of like the attitude this tree once had, if trees have attitude). I assume part of the cause for my contentment is being middle aged. I love middle age!

I still get antsy every once in a blue moon, though. I sometimes Continue reading