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Sipping Turmeric Tonic: a remedy for stuff


The next time there are sniffles in the air, a stomach flu bug, or you want to boost a weak immune system, try this Turmeric Tonic. It’s the bomb. Seriously, you’ll feel that warm ginger-burn inside, and any inflammation you’ve got going on inside of you will thank you.

Try  “Sipping Turmeric Tonic” during your next SIT.SIP.n.BE. and see what you think! I just winged it a while back with the ingredient ratios, and we love it. [see recipe below] 

If you sip it first thing in the morning, I guarantee you won’t feel sleepy anymore. It’s not as strong as a straight ginger-shot, so it’s sippable for kids and kids-at-heart who don’t like strong stuff. Sometimes I sip two or three small cups per day. If you want your Turmeric Tonic stronger, just add less water to the blender. Easy peasy.

NOTE: This stuff stains! If you care about the outfit you’re wearing when you make it, wear an apron (if you care about your apron, use an older apron). If you care about your countertop, spread paper towels below the bottles when you fill them.

Ginger root and
Turmeric root (equal weights of both)
Honey to taste
Bottles with stoppers
like these.

1.  Chop up equal weights of both turmeric and ginger root (I use 8 ounces of each, and use a scale like this one, except my Salter scale is older and not as cute). Chop into 1/4-inch-ISH rounds.
2.  Add enough water to cover chopped roots by double in the blender. Blend well
3. Hold a nut milk bag over a large stainless steel bowl (it will stain a plastic one), and pour blender contents into the open end of nut milk bag.
4. Drain well, and squeeze out as much tonic from the solids as you can. Who needs a juicer? Toss the solids.
5. Add honey to taste. That’s it!
6. Ladle into your favorite bottles, using a funnel, and store in refrigerator. I get my bottles at the local health food store, which sells this rootbeer. I just like the bottles (soda has too much sugar for AIP), but there’s always a willing sipper around here to polish off the contents!

Be well.
SIT.SIP.n.BE fully present sometime today.

❤ Gwendolyn





Author: Gwendolyn

Welcome, friend! I am an American writer, based in Utah. SIT.SIP.n.BE is a blog I created to share my passion for slow, simple living, and the importance of camaraderie. Since 2005 I have dug deep and unearthed rich things about life, self, God and others as I've lived with autoimmune disease. In spite of occasional darkest days, there are compensatory the-light-is-so-bright-I-have-to-squint moments that are utterly joy-FULL ... bursting with fulfillment and gratitude . Life can be fulfilling even with what some call limitations. Loving conversations, healing conversations, and learning conversations ARE possible with self and God.

2 thoughts on “Sipping Turmeric Tonic: a remedy for stuff

  1. This is awesome!!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for visiting my site, Stan.

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