Sit . Sip . n . Be .

BE fully present. BE loving.

It’s Elemental: SIT.SIP.n.BE is all 5 elements

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How cool is this? I realized that your SIT.SIP.n.BE practice incorporates all 5 classical elements from Earth up to Ether (BTW, wishing everyone a warm holiday season this week ❤ ):

EARTH: it’s what you sit on, or where you set your feet, when you SIT.SIP.n.BE fully present (porch, steps, grass, snow, dirt or sand). The earth can be perceived by all five senses—hearing, touch, sight, taste and smell.

WATER: it’s what you’re sippin’ (in that herbal tea or lemon water). Water has no odor, but can be perceived by the other four senses—it can be heard, felt, seen, and tasted.

FIRE: it’s what heated up the water on your stove. Fire can be heard, felt and seen.

AIR: it’s what you’re breathing deeply outside (on purpose). Air can be felt and heard. Isn’t it curious how the higher we go with these elements, fewer and fewer senses perceive them?

ETHER: it’s where your prayerful, pondering (not ponderous, well, maybe) thoughts or worries will float to while you SIT.SIP.n.BE. This element can only be perceived.

In India (and finally adopted in our Western world), the elements correspond with “the Seven Chakras”. In Christianity, Benedictine monks practice their traditional, “Lectio Divina”, a practice of applying sacred scripture to nature; nature, God’s creation, being the sacred text around us.

In Ayurveda (translated, Ayur=life, Veda=science/knowledge) the elements are found in “Vedas”. In Tibet the five elemental processes are the foundation of their spiritual traditions (shamanism, trantra and Dzogchen).

China, Japan, Egypt, Greece . . . many more traditions also believe these elements reflect the simplest parts of the constitution of life, and the fundamental power of everything. Hmmm, it looks like we all have beliefs based in the elements, which God, our Eternal Creator, used to create us people, and this beautiful world!

I SIT.SIP.n.BE with these Five Elements every morning, screen-free. I hope you will too! It’s a routine I began last May, nearly seven months ago. The changes for me have been immeasurable in my body-mind, and spirit. I now carry, imperfectly, that cozy, nurtured, empowered, loved and inspired feeling in to my daily activities as I interact with people, dig in the dirt in the spring, walk in the snow in winter, knit or sew stuff, cook in the kitchen, exercise gently, run errands, take a nap (I especially love that one), or tidy up my nest.

Join the SIT.SIP.n.BE community, and leave a comment! I would love to learn from all of you. What small routines, like SIT.SIP.n.BE bless your life, or the lives of your friends and family members?

❤ Gwendolyn

* The engraving I used at the top of this post is by Robert Fludd. He was an English physician and polymath from the 1600’s.


Author: Gwendolyn

Welcome, friend! I am an American writer, based in Utah. SIT.SIP.n.BE is a blog I created to share my passion for slow, simple living, and the importance of camaraderie. Since 2005 I have dug deep and unearthed rich things about life, self, God and others as I've lived with autoimmune disease. In spite of occasional darkest days, there are compensatory the-light-is-so-bright-I-have-to-squint moments that are utterly joy-FULL ... bursting with fulfillment and gratitude . Life can be fulfilling even with what some call limitations. Loving conversations, healing conversations, and learning conversations ARE possible with self and God.

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