Sit . Sip . n . Be .

BE fully present. BE loving.

Introducing SIT . SIP . n . BE .


SIT.SIP.n.BE  is a simple notion.

SIT.SIP.n.BE  has a powerful outcome.

SIT.SIP.n.BE  is easy (if you have a body and a brain).

How simple?
Create a screen-free, quiet moment JUST for yourself … first-thing every morning:
SIT with it.
SIP it, and
BE in the present moment.
It’s that simple. SIT.SIP.n.BE.

How powerful? Your mornings will shift from going to The Elsewhere* in the digital world, to being REAL in your own real surroundingsTHAT’S powerful.

How easyThis easy:

  • SET THIS INTENTION: choose to leave your phone or computer alone first-thing every morning; aka OFF.
    • Yep. Not even to check what time it is (IT WILL ONLY BE FOR A FEW MINUTES). If you just fainted, no worries, this screen will still be here when you ‘come to’. It will take you through the steps of SIT.SIP.n.BE.
    • (How-To, continued. Has the shock worn off?) . . . INSTEAD of looking at a screen first thing in the morning, plan on going to the kitchen FIRST THING. What?! Read on . . .
  • BEDTIME: charge your phone and power it OFF Elsewhere (outside of your bedroom) every night. If you need an alarm to wake up, use a different one, other than your phone.
  • MORNING: wake up, immediately roll out of bed, and, if so inclined, pray. Don’t forget to chuckle when your arm reaches for the screen that is not there.
  • PUT YOUR SLIPPERS ON: walk/shuffle to the kitchen (or go barefoot). If it’s not too dark, leave the light off. If it is dark, light an unscented candle, or turn on a nightlight.
  • PUT THE KETTLE ON: fill the teapot with water, turn on the stove, look at the fire for a second or two (if it’s a gas stove), put the kettle on it, and heat ’til it whistles.
  • MAKE HERBAL TEA OR LEMON WATER: it takes about 3 to 5 to 15 minutes to steep tea depending on which kind you choose. If you’d like, add natural sweetener and creamy milk of your choice (seed, nut, rice or dairy).
  • SIT outside on a porch step, a chair, or in the grass (or, near an open window in your apartment). If it’s warm enough outside, go barefoot. If it’s cold wear thick slippers or winter boots, and put on a parka over your robe, or wrap up in a thick blanket to sit outside.
  • SIP your warm drink.
  • BE with your observations in your “Right Now’s”
    • RIGHT NOW I hear  __[fill in the blank]__.
    • RIGHT NOW I see     __[fill in the blank]__.
    • RIGHT NOW I smell __[fill in the blank]__.
    • RIGHT NOW I feel    __[fill in the blank]__.
  • Wake up to your own mind and soul to see what beauty you can find around you. There is abundance in even the most dire situations. Say ‘thank you’ for that abundance.
  • After ten minutes (or longer 🙂 stand, stretch, and scratch your ribs to wake up your powerful body center. Then, carry on with your day feeling more grounded, safe, nurtured, empowered, loved, heard, inspired and attuned to higher things.
  • After two weeks set a goal to do this for the REST. OF. YOUR. LIFE.


Obviously this isn’t a newfangled idea. This is something that was tried and tested years ago to have excellent results (as in, done-by-almost-everyone-pre-1950’s-before-television/computers/smartphones-became-accessible). We’ve just become so accustomed to going to The Elsewhere*, it’s time to notice how plugged in we’ve become and to recall some of the great stuff from the good ol’ days. START YOUR DAY UNPLUGGED! 🙂

Remember, stand up and stretch after SIT.SIP.n.BE! Make sure to scratch your ribs while you stretch to wake up that powerful soul center you have, and wake up the rest of remarkable you. And, again, do this for the REST. OF. YOUR. LIFE.

❤ Gwendolyn

***Please join the SIT.SIP.n.BE. community and share your comment! What benefits do you get from your morning quiet time rituals? If SIT.SIP.n.BE is new to you, does it sound too simple to be any good? If you tried it, how did it go? If you want to try it, is there any emotion or circumstance holding you back? How can you SIT.SIP.n.BE. with little children at home?

How do you spend the few minutes while the tea is steeping? Personally, I juice one lemon and add the lemon juice to my favorite large glass water bottle (I like this one), or thermos container (like this one). I make both lemon water AND tea in the morning so I can have warm lemon water to sip throughout my day. I also do morning stretches in the kitchen while I wait. I place my hands of the edge of the kitchen counter with my feet a few feet away to do a sort of down-dog morning yoga routine.

Join the conversation in the comments below.

*”The Elsewhere” reference was coined by E.B. White, author of Charlotte’s Web, in his collection of essays, One Man’s Meat.


Author: Gwendolyn

Welcome, friend! I am an American writer, based in Utah. SIT.SIP.n.BE is a blog I created to share my passion for slow, simple living, and the importance of camaraderie. Since 2005 I have dug deep and unearthed rich things about life, self, God and others as I've lived with autoimmune disease. In spite of occasional darkest days, there are compensatory the-light-is-so-bright-I-have-to-squint moments that are utterly joy-FULL ... bursting with fulfillment and gratitude . Life can be fulfilling even with what some call limitations. Loving conversations, healing conversations, and learning conversations ARE possible with self and God.

7 thoughts on “Introducing SIT . SIP . n . BE .

  1. Wow I hope I can start doing this consistently. It would make my life better I’m sure!!

  2. Thanks for your comment, Stan. let me know how it goes 😊

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  6. I have also been trying to slow down and enjoy the moments. During the summer I eat my meals out on our patio, but I like the idea of STARTING the day in a slowed-down mode. I am going to try this beginning tomorrow!!!!

  7. I’m so glad this idea resonates with you, Heidi. I’m not surprised that you already enjoy quiet moments. Maybe SitSipnBe will add a little something to the peace you’ve already been creating for yourself. (I also most of eat my meals outside :).

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